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Air and Hydraulically Operated High and Low Pressure Pumps

Capable of handling materials as diverse as liquids from 20 CST to 450 CST to semi solids (Typically Greases) up to NLGI 3

Delivering from 1 LPM up to 1,041 LPM

Capable of producing fluid pressures from 4 Bar up to 340 Bar

A complete range of accessories are available for most applications

Assorted Pumps



Fluid Transfer
Air Operated High Volume Low Pressure Pumps available ex works.

Range varies from Ratio of 1-1 (Max operating pressure 7 BAR) to Ratio 10– 1 (Maximum operating pressure 70 BAR)
Flow Rates from 20 to 40 LPM

Material Transfer

Air Operated High Volume High Pressure Pumps available ex works.

Range varies from Ratio of 28-1 (Max operating pressure 200 BAR) to Ratio 80– 1 (Maximum operating pressure 500 BAR)
Flow Rates from 0.5kgm to 12 kgm

System Accessories

A full set of accessories are available for Batch Process, Metering and Monitoring.
Allowing total control of the process.

Another useful component for non self levelling materials is a Single Post Lift (above).



Standard 1-1 Ratio
Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps available ex works.

Range varies from Ratio of 1/4 “ - 3 “ Flow Rates from 20 to 1000 LPM.
A variety of Body Materials from Non Metallic to Cast Iron, Aluminium and Stainless Steel
Make these pumps suitable for virtually any fluid transfer

Special 3-1 Ratio
This unique pump can discharge up to 90 LPM — Free Flow at a pressure of 21 BAR.
Suitable for discharging relatively high volumes over a greater distance than a standard 1-1 Ratio pump.
Capable of passing solids up to 3.2mm dia.
Special Powder Pumps
Economical and Simple - Unlike large, complex systems.
Portable - Can be moved from site to site.
Delay Timer
Built-in timer insures proper fluidization of the powder at start-up.
Air Induction Valve
Special valve increases air velocity for optimum powder aeration and diffusion.
Main Air Control Valve
Directly controlled by the Delay Timer, main start-up valve supplies air pressure directly to the pump’s major air valve.


Material Dispensed “On Demand”
Good system design will allow both pressure and volume discharged to be accurately controlled.
Because the pump will be “stalled” against a shut off valve material will be supplied “on demand”.
Typical production applications are found in Printing, Woodworking, Food and Drink, Ceramics Water Treatment and many more industries.

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