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Oil Air Systems

Principle of Air/Oil Lubrication

Air/oil lubrication is based on the principle that a drop of lubricant injected into an air flow, will “wet out” on the ID wall of the delivery tube and be transported in the direction of the air flow to the lubrication point. With an appropriate length of tube (minimum length 1 m) and a sufficient sequence of oil-delivery cycles, a continuous flow of lubricant arrives at the outlet where it is compressed in the nozzle and fed to the friction point in relatively "large" droplets as an oil/air mixture. The oil impinges on the friction point and the air, which unlike Oil-mist lubrication is virtually oil free, can vent to atmosphere. An added benefit of this system is that positive air pressure on the bearing prevents ingress of contaminants
High Speed Spindle Lubrication

Ideal applications are on high speed spindles where conventional lubrication creates too much heat .
When used on Grinding Machines the positive air pressure prevents ingress.

Chain Lubrication

Heavy Duty (Large Chains) are best lubricated with a system utilising sensors to pulse precise droplets accurately.
Smaller chains where sensing is impractical can be lubricated effectively with minimal amounts consumed.
A system is cost effective when high cost special oils are required.


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