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Oil Systems


Volumetric Metering Units provide precise and failsafe dosage of oil, independent of viscosity, temperature or pressure.

Used with a competitively priced pump package.
An Electrically Driven or Air Operated Pump with integrated electronic controller, will provide Automatic, Monitored Lubrication at a cost usually considered affordable for Manual Operated Systems


Time Clock Controlled Cyclic systems can be used providing the lubricant viscosity is in a range 50– 1000 cSt
Volume Discharge from the pump is 200ccs /mins at 15 Bar.
Typical Pump Station will have Low Level and Pressure Switch monitoring


Single Line:
The Progressive divider distributes the flow of a pump into separate 'progressive outlets' by the use of a progressive spool arrangement. Positive lubrication feedback for all of the points can be achieved by monitoring one outlet with a cycle sensor. This can also be used to calculate the amount of grease being injected into each point.
Dedicated and affordable electronic control and monitoring equipment, such is available to monitor and control the complete operation of a progressive system.


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