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The original first generation Perma uses a chemical re-action to expand a gas in the container. Thus displacing lubricant in a reasonably controlled time.

Perma Classic is the only gas genarating lubricator capable of working efficiently for up to 12 months.
Ideally suited to outside weather, can even be fitted to macines submerged underwater.

Maximum discharge pressure - 4 Bar


Second Generation - Electric Motor Driven

In 1999 the Star / Vario was introduced utilising the latest micro-processor technology. Providing the following monitoring functions :-

Performance Indicator - GREEN LED FLASHES EVERY 15 SECS
Bearing Entry Blockage - RED LED FLASHES EVERY 8 SECS

Maximum discharge pressure 5 Bar

The Drive unit is re-usable, therefore enviromentally friendly and reduced life-cycle costs.

Third Generation - Machine Controlled

Perma STAR CONTROL is a state-of-the-art lubrication system.  The unit's "ON/OFF" function is directly tied to the machine or equipment on which it is installed. As soon as the machine operates, it supplies power to the unit. The functional status can be monitored via a PLC-control system and is also displayed by the lubricator's LED signals. When the lubricator works in the "Impulse Mode", (120 cc LC-unit only), the discharge may be regulated via the PLC. In this setting, the PLC is programmed to control the unit's lubrication schedule. When in the "Regular Discharge Mode", the perma STAR CONTROL will discharge the pre-set amount as soon as power is supplied (refer to settings).When the machine is not in operation, the perma STAR CONTROL goes into a "waiting function" (idle) and does not discharge again until the machine operates.

The power requirements for the control are a minimum of 7 and maximum of 25V DC

With a typical voltage of 12 V the unit will carry a current of 1 amp (against a backpressure). Due to the power surge on start up it is essential that slow blowing fuses are used in the power supply.

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